Between Text and Culture

Between Text and Culture:
On Translation Issues

Między tekstem a przekładem:
z zagadnień przekładoznawstwa

November marks the launch of our new series, a series that reaches beyond language. The first volume is devoted to a panorama of Polish studies on translation theory, history, and applications that have been gathered, for the first time, all under one sail, Between the Text and Culture: On Translation Issues.

BL1 Between text and culture

The editors, Piotr Chruszczewski and Aleksandra Knapik, invited many of the most relevant, established, and eminent Polish scholars to share their wealth of knowledge and deliberations on the nature of translation theory, the name and place of the discipline in anthropological perspective (1. TEORIA PRZEKŁADU W UJĘCIU HISTORYCZNYM [Translation theory in historical perspective]); the translator’s presence in the Bible and religious psalters, as well as the importance of (un)necessary censorship in Biblical translation (2. PRZEKŁAD RELIGIJNY W HISTORII I WSPÓŁCZEŚNIE [Religion in translation – historical and modern perspective]); and theoretical approaches to such practical issues as translation in the classroom, courtroom, European Parliament, business, as well as in the media (3. OD TEORII PO PRAKTYKĘ [From theory to practice]). Icing on the cake is a collection of case studies on adult and children’s literature in translation, with such masters as Umberto Eco, Haruki Murakami or the timeless master, Shakespeare (4. PRAKTYKALIA [Applications]).

To inaugurate this truly international series, we start with a Polish volume and perspective with scope which extends to cultures as far as Japan and the Republic of Indonesia. Subsequent volumes will continue on a voyage across ages and continents, with scheduled ports of call which include Old Frisian, Darwin’s theory of evolution, modern Jamaican Creole, Chopin’s creations, anthropology, creo-linguistics and well beyond. Volumes of Beyond Language’s span the previously undiscovered: a plethora of outside-the-box, beyond-language perspectives on human existence, communication and centuries-long cultural wealth.

The nature of this forward searching series is to commission the masters and commanders of knowledge to seek out and share the intellectual wealth of new frontiers.