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Our flagship, Æ Academic, is fully devoted to promoting academic achievement. Founded 2014 in Southern California, Æ is built on a powerful and enduring marriage of creativity and engineering precision that draws on diverse U.S. networks, deep European roots, and technical innovation to provide high-quality research publications in the sciences and humanities. Our separate imprint, Æ Group, promotes autobiographies of cultural value.


About ÆSH

Æ takes its roots from one of the letters of the Futhorc alphabet, i.e. ᚫ, which also used to represent an ash-tree, hence the name of the letter, æsc, or, in modern spelling, ash.

An ever-green tree, ash is a symbol of power and endurance; accurately indicative of the influence of our authors and their lasting contributions to their fields with the works we partner with them to publish.

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Hand selected resources and our dedicated professionals provide competitive publishing of exceptional quality for archival and targeted distribution in the European and US markets.

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