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Our flagship, Æ Academic, is fully devoted to promoting academic achievement. Founded 2014 in Southern California, Æ is built on a powerful and enduring marriage of creativity and engineering precision that draws on diverse U.S. networks, deep European roots, and technical innovation to provide high-quality research publications in the sciences and humanities.

About ÆSH

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A nonaccidental choice, Æ takes its roots from one of the letters of the Futhorc alphabet, i.e. ᚫ, which also used to represent an ash-tree, hence the name of the letter, æsc, or, in modern spelling, ash.

An ever-green tree, ash is a symbol of power and endurance; accurately indicative of the influence of our authors and their lasting contributions to their fields with the works we partner with them to publish.

Our Offer

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Hand selected resources and our dedicated professionals provide competitive publishing of exceptional quality for archival and targeted distribution in the European and US markets.

Please refer to our publication policy below.

Æ Publication Policy

Niche, selective, and quality-research-oriented, Æ Academic Publishing follows ethical standards observed by the academic community worldwide, in particular by:

  • requiring blind peer review(s). Reviewers, established academics from institutions around the world, help advise the publication for print or for recommended rejection (stage 1, YES/ NO), as well as opine on the content, research method and the quality of works accepted for publication (stage 2, peer-review), cf. e.g. COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers. In the case of an academic series, the proposal requires acceptance by the Scientific Board or Committee prior to the Reviewer(s)’ stage 1 evaluation;
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  • identifying the authorship. We strongly discourage academic ghost writing or guest authorship without each and every contribution clearly described and defined in standard academic manner, providing a name and affiliation of all contributors. Authors, methodology used, and references cited are always clearly indicated in designated spaces of every publication (cf. “Responsible research publication: international standards for authors: A position statement developed at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity, Singapore, July 22-24, 2010” by Elizabeth Wager & Sabine Kleinert);
  • documenting intellectual rights of third persons from reproduced material when applicable. The Author either provides or allows Æ to obtain written authorizations for the use of any copyrighted or other proprietary materials owned by any third party which appear in the Author’s book;
  • documenting and reporting misconduct. All texts are blindly reviewed for manipulation, data inaccuracy, and faulty references. In an unlikely case of academic misconduct, the Author is informed on the fact and asked to either relate to or repair the suspected damage (step 1). In the case of a series, the Editor-in-Chief is also informed (step 2). In disputable cases, should no rectification be ultimately decided on, we reserve the right to reject a publication and inform the Author’s institution (step 3).


At Æ Academic Publishing we carefully select high-quality publications and expert panels with intent to steadfastly adhere to a zero tolerance policy for:
– plagiarism and self-plagiarism;
– ghost and guest authorship;
– conflict of interest;
– fabricated/ misinterpreted data; and
– lack of academic skill (cf. Committee on Publication Ethics at https://publicationethics.org).

We use subscriptions to Plagarisma and Quetext for plagarism detection.

What to do if you suspect misconduct? Please inform us immediately at contact@aeAcademicPublishing.com with substantive details.

For prospective Æ Authors

We welcome: sound, well-executed original research of exceptional quality that has never been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere and which will provide further reference for follow-on generations of academics through undoubted enrichment to the field of study.

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Pre-publication Proposal. Upon initial contact, please provide:

  • Resume, incl. academic output;
  • Brief (written equivalent of an elevator pitch);
  • Table of Contents;
  • Minimum one chapter (appr. 2 sheets/ sign.), preferably the whole manuscript.

Æ will gladly respond to prospective authors to proceed to the publication process.

MS Submission. We ask for monographs to be submitted directly to contact@aeAcademicPublishing.com, and that proposals for our series, Beyond Language or Warsaw Studies in English Historical Linguistics, be submitted via the approval of respective Editors-in-Chief. The package should include:

  • MS text in .doc(x) and in .pdf;
  • Tables – in a separate file;
  • Figures – in a separate file (if in Word or Excel – editable, if illustrations – min. 300 dpi);
  • Index (unless the Author transfers this need to us).

MS Review. Independent reviewers, unaffiliated with the Author and selected from among experts specializing in the subject matter, will provide Æ Academic with the blind reviews. The Author is informed on the outcome, asked to provide feedback and, if applicable, the final version of the MS within the agreed time span. Both the reviews and the feedback are provided in writing, in English, and are made accessible to all parties.

Publication process. Æ Academic Publishing provides translation, content editing, copy editing, proof-reading, and indexing services, as agreed with the Author.

Terms and conditions are agreed on with each Author individually and/ or with the subsidizing institution. Æ co-finances the bulk of each publication that is accepted by the Scientific Board, in the case of a series, and/or the Reviewers’ preliminary recommendation.

Useful links:
For Authors:
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“International Standards for Editors”
“A Short Guide to Ethical Editing for New Editors”
For Reviewers:
“COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers”

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