Beyond Language—new cover

Welcoming the next Beyond Language series cover

Pleased to unveil the newest addition to the BL series cover collection, all carefully designed with a clear purpose: to showcase the text’s outward face, kindle interest to explore inward, and prompt your eyes to spark with intrigue. Like Venetian masks, our BL mosaics invite you to uncover what’s behind: the non-fiction world of academia.

COVER, shelter, and traverse

Unique and inconspicuous, mysterious but communicative, eye-catchingly vibrant and yet nobly elegant—requirements proliferate and the list of the ideal book cover’s attributes seems boundless. Rather than aspiring to attain the impossible, the aim of our covers is to reach solid craftsmanship, translating the crux and clues of text into image.

The inevitable woven result of BL1’s translation studies; proverbial references to the empty barrel making the most sound, walls that have eyes, and folks put upon by others in BL2’s Jamaican Creole Proverbs; or whirls of air, land, and sea creatures in continual strife, co-existence, and adaptation in BL4’s approach to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution—we want each cover to tease you with an entertaining story that unfolds before your perceptive and discerning eyes.


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Our newest addition to the BL series undertakes a scholarly yet hands-on discussion going well beyond language as such:

Diagnosing Dysarthria in Adults:
A New Speech Assessment Method
for Polish, English, and Spanish

by Izabela Gatkowska

Illustrated by adults, speech systems, neurons and damaged nerves, the book puts together diagnostic tasks yielding “valuable information, which, like a puzzle, completes the image of pathological changes in the patient’s speech to be pieced together, providing a reliable diagnosis.”

Beyond Language Vol.3 (BL3)

This particular volume will be of interest to diagnosticians, clinical speech pathologists, linguists, and all those who need to know (1) how damage to the nervous system influences the entire speech mechanism of adults, thus impairing their oral communication, and ‒ more importantly ‒ (2) how acute awareness of speech changes may help pinpoint the specific type of speech disorder and contribute to an earlier diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disease.


As always emphasized, the whole of the Beyond Language (BL) series is tailored to a tenured, established demographic. This truly international series originated in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Poland, Wrocław, and extended far beyond, to the United States and the global world. Our authors, researchers and scholars in every discipline, extend the path of their Wrocław Nobel laureate predecessors – standing firm, grounded with one foot in centuries of world class contributions, and the other in cutting edge research and innovation.


Volume 1: Piotr P. Chruszczewski, Aleksandra Knapik (eds) (2018) Między Tekstem a Kulturą. Z Zagadnień Przekładoznawstwa [Beyond Text and Culture: On Translation Studies]. San Diego, CA: Æ Academic Publishing.
Volume 2: Aleksandra R. Knapik (2019) A Study of Jamaican Creole Proverbs from the Perspective of Contact Linguistics. San Diego, CA: Æ Academic Publishing.
Volume 3: Izabela Gatkowska (in press) Diagnosing Dysarthria in Adults: A New Speech Assessment Method for Polish, English, and Spanish. San Diego, CA: Æ Academic Publishing.
Volume 4: Anna Drogosz (2019) A Cognitive Semantics Approach to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. San Diego, CA: Æ Academic Publishing.