Æ Academic on the List of Publishers

Æ Academic
on the Ministerial List
of accredited Academic Publishers

It is our pleasure to announce that Æ Academic was included in the list of academic publishers accredited by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education prepares an official list of publishers who meet the academic criteria and who, in particular,

  • follow academic international standards and ethical guidelines in line with COPE;
  • provide high-quality scientific monographs vetted in the blind review process.

Those positively reviewed by the Science Evaluation Committee at the Ministry are thus officially accredited, which translates into 80 points per publication assigned to its author.


Polish scholars who wish to disseminate their research results abroad but at the same time are bound by their academic obligations to bring home appropriate score for their publications.


We work hard to serve as a conduit to scientists with strong reputation in their academic circles to share their knowledge globally. Understanding, however, their administrative obligations, we are happy to know we may now contribute both academic- and administration-wise to Polish dissemination of knowledge abroad.

Looking forward to conquering new frontiers,

yours truly, Æ Academic team!