The Last Undercover. True Story: An FBI Agent’s Dangerous Dance with Evil


Bob Hamer


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A war between good and evil is waged on the streets of America every day. Bob Hamer has been on the frontlines of its many crucial battles.

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A war between good and evil is waged on the streets of America every day. Bob Hamer has been on the frontlines of many crucial battles in that war.
You will be captivated by the action and adventure, shocked by the ugliness of humanity, and ultimately relieved to know there are real-life heroes like Bob Hamer protecting our country, our homes and our families

A Look Inside

Theses offenders began their quest in full view of an unsuspecting public. They were our sons’ teachers, doctors, therapists, neighbors, friends and relatives. Their responsible behavior in public causes us to drop our guard. We somehow believe we are smart enough to recognize the pervert lurking in the shadows and, as a result of that confidence, fail to see the predator in our midst.

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Edition 2nd, revised and unabridged
Published in 2016
ISBN 978-1-68346-993-3, 978-1-68346-996-4, 978-1-68346-997-1, 978-1-68346-999-5
Binding perfect bound
Dimensions 140 x 210 mm
Weight 0.52 kg
# of pages 388

Table of Contents

ChaptersPage Number
A walk toward the beast13
Living in the shadow world20
China white32
The welcoming committee42
Globe-hopping smuggler50
A NAMBLA safety lecture57
The courtroom crapshoot67
Meet the predators74
Working the hood81
Patience is a virtue88
Improvise to survive97
A NAMBLA history lesson103
The murder of Jeffrey Curley113
Sexual addiction122
The fix is in131
Keeping my shirt on139
Half-full or half-empty?147
The most bizarre154
Enough to go on?170
NAMBLA pen-pals179
The Miami NAMBLA conference186
Relaxing with predators192
Leaderless, shirtless, clueless198
Criminal admissions207
“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean I’m not out to get you”214
Six-pack abs and a key of coke220
Predators out on the town227
Legoland makes it unanimous234
Age of consent: zero243
Trolling for a three-time offender252
Baiting the hook260
Getting the goods269
How much is too much?278
Swarming to the bait287
Greg Nusca, aka David R. Busby295
Diary of a sexual predator302
My life as a ghostwriter309
Losing it?316
Keep those plates spinning324
Intensive care333
Final preparations342
Predators tell all348
Springing the trap356
After the arrests362
The trial of Sam Lindblad369
The verdict376
NAMBLA correspondence383
About the author387

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