Born on the Fifth of July, Recreated in Vietnam


Tim Lee

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Some of us falter, some persevere.

A story about a wayside, headstrong, and rebellious son of a preacher who finds direction as a Marine. Throughout his ordeals, Tim Lee refuses to wallow in self-pity or turn away from God. Unlike the character portrayed once by Tom Cruise, Tim Lee is “Born on the Fifth of July.”

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A story about a wayside, headstrong, and rebellious son of a preacher who becomes a Marine. Tim Lee goes on an eighteen month tour in Vietnam as an engineer and, pushing to go on a final mission, he steps on a 60lb “box mine” that takes both legs (BK and AK), voids his orders to embassy duty, erases his dream of a career in the Corps, and puts him on a protracted painful battle with infection and additional amputations, robbing him of any chance to walk.

Throughout the ordeal, Tim Lee never lets himself wallow in self-pity or turn away from God. In fact, it serves to strengthen his resolve and faith – an actual, real life example that shows the story of the strong and resilient service members who persevered through their faith in God. Unlike the character portrayed once by Tom Cruise, Tim Lee is “Born on the Fifth of July.”

A Look Inside:

In 1989, Tom Cruise starred in the Oscar-winning movie Born on the 4th of July based on the true story of a Ron Kovic, an embittered paralyzed Vietnam veteran who became a very vocal anti-war protestor. Though Although it was understandable based upon his life experiences, I chose not to be poisoned by all that had been thrown in my path. I chose a different route. God allowed me to experience “post traumatic growth” in my healing journey. My story differs from the one Tom Cruise portrayed. I was not born on the 4th. I was Born on the 5th of July. For me, that means that by God’s grace, I was born in America, and He enabled me to follow the example of my father and serve my country in our nation’s military. It means I salute the flag and pledge my allegiance to “one nation under God.” It means there are some things worth fighting for, and if need be, worth dying for. I’m proud to be an American and proud to be Born on the 5th of July!

Additional information

Editor Joanna Esquibel
Published in 2018
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-68346-989-6
Binding perfect bound with gate-folds
Dimensions 140 x 215 mm

Table of Contents

Author’s note13
1. The next step15
2. Mcleansboro: before the rebellion17
3. The rebellion begins21
4. It only gets worse24
5. The runaway27
6. The promised land?30
7. The catwalk33
8. The switchblade hurdle36
9. No plans: no direction40
10. A few good men43
11. Boot camp47
12. Chaos with a purpose50
13. The turning point53
14. Graduation and beyond56
15. Vietnam: the cliff notes58
16. “In country”60
17. Building and tearing down65
18. The ROK marines67
19. Fire in the hole71
20. Bob Hope and more75
21. Lee Gore79
22. The morning of March 884
23. The last step86
24. Controlled chaos!88
25. USS Sanctuary91
26. Guam94
27. Philadelphia Naval96
28. The cutters98
29. Re-created102
30. Connie106
31. Devastation, then a miracle110
32. After Philadelphia114
33. The call119
34. A new ministry124
35. The great outdoors131
36. The children134
37. Bolt cutters and the church138
38. Ronald Reagan141
39. Not the end: the beginning144
Tim Lee ministries153
About the co-author153
What others are saying about “Born on the Fifth of July”154

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