Między tekstem a kulturą: z zagadnień przekładoznawstwa [Between the text and culture: on translation issues]

November marks the launch of our new series, a series that reaches beyond language. The first volume is devoted to a panorama of Polish studies on translation theory, history, and applications that have been gathered, for the first time, all under one sail, Between the text and culture: on translation issues. The editors, Piotr Chruszczewski and
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The new academic series in the works

It is our immense pleasure to officially introduce our new cooperation with outstanding institutions of education and culture in Poland. The spiritus movens of the whole enterprise is ...
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What do our authors do in their spare time?

Our historical linguists are very busy taking some well-deserved rest after a long academic year and right before the next one starts, much as it already looms around the corner...
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Speaks the Masterpiece: who are our painters?

What can you expect in Speaks the Masterpiece, the new book by Beata Jerzakowska? Audio descriptions of a whole array of paintings from the world canon. Here is...
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Audio description of Pieter Bruegel’s “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus”

Read on about a complex and picturesque painting which uses aerial perspective to cram into a single work tons of narratives - to include a plowman with a purse and dagger, wearing clothes that clearly would never be worn by a field worker; an inattentive shepherd with ...
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Audio description of Caravaggio’s “Narcissus at the Source” (rotated)

Read on about a masterful use of light and the viewer's basic human nature to draw them into the painting, and maybe even the subject's state of mind.  As a person with ...
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